Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

Teenage years are the best time to live a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight is the easiest in these years. It gets harder as you get older and your metabolism slows down. If you do not get to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle then you will start gaining weight. Here are some weight loss tips that teenagers will find useful whether you’re looking to shed that excess body fat or want to time down into shape, these are just the things to consider.


How to Lose Weight for Teenagers

How to Lose Weight for Teenagers


1. Avoid white starches – Make sure that you do away with all white starches. Starch based foods such as white bread, crackers, white rice, and pasta etc. do worse to your body and are contribute to gaining weight. Replace the food group with whole grain choices. For instance, consuming brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta is the ideal diet that cuts the calories and enables you to adopt a better diet. A white starch diet can be a major cause for insulin deficiency with possibility of developing diabetes later.

2. Cut back on all sweets – It is found that an average person consumes about half-a-pound of sugar approximately every day. In fact, sugar alone is the root cause of the rising number of people suffering from obesity today. The key is to lower sugar consumption rate to around 5 milligrams per serving. However, it is recommended that you cut down all kinds of sugar-based foods so that you feel better.

3. Choose healthy snacking – Munch on baby carrots and fruits rather than opening up that bag of chips. It is seen that making a change in snacking habit can help you lose 9 pounds in a year. Instead have a protein snack that’ll keep you 40-minutes fuller than other food groups.

4. Low fat dairy products – In contrary to what people think consuming low fat dairy foods actually helps increase metabolism causing fat burn. Intake of skimmed milk leads to healthy weight loss. Replace sweetened tea with low fat milk that causes you to lose weight. Give up on all solid fats such as white cheese, butter, and margarine. These pack up pounds especially around your belly.

5. Eat smaller meals frequently – Having small portions of food is a great way to keep that fat burning process alive through the day! Whenever you eat the metabolism gets stimulated. This is a process that must be carried out frequently at regular intervals during the day gradually to an extent such that you keep using your calories until there is nothing left to be stored as fat.

6. 60-minutes of activity – Simply having a healthy diet will not get you through your weight loss regime. Include at least 60-minutes of activity every day. Either perform intense workout that gets you dripping with sweat or choose to play a sport. Whatever you do just make sure that being active plays a pivotal role in churning the metabolism helping you lose weight.

7. Do not starve yourself – The aim is to lose weight and not starve. If you’re overweight then it is advisable to watch your portions, but never deprive yourself of food. That will only give you temporary weight loss results, but the lost pounds might pile back once again. Always maintain a healthy diet throughout the week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy tasty foods such as chocolate, fried foods, ice-creams, cakes, colas, etc. once in a while.

Stop stressing out in your weight loss mission since it turns on the fat hormones by increasing your appetite for carbohydrates. Setting smaller goals such as 5 pounds in 6-weeks etc. will make it easier for you to attain success and motivate you towards the larger goals that can seem to be harder to achieve. Also, get plenty of sleep to get your body to relax and regulate blood sugar hormones as well as process on stored carbohydrates.