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B12 and Weight Loss

The obesity epidemic is here, leading to a rise in obesity related diseases and a growing waistline for lots of people. Many patients these days are searching for a quick and easy way to lose weight. One is by taking appetite suppressant supplements and another common one is B12 injection treatment, offered by weight loss clinics. But will B12 injection work for weight loss? Here we will talk about the claims these clinics make about their injections. We will also look at the typical injection procedure. Lastly, we will give you a final verdict concerning Vitamin B12 and weight loss. See more info on Aus Nat Health website.


B12 foods for Weight Loss

B12 foods for Weight Loss


The Claims

Weight loss clinics that offer these injections make lots of claims about its ability to help users lose weight. They often sight the fact that patients report feeling more energized, have more motivation to do different exercises and happier after taking such injections. While it is true that these things can occur (especially if you have a deficiency) studies show that for many this might simply be a placebo effect. Most patients do not lose weight purely from the injections alone. For others, this may, in fact, slow weight gain. Especially when you take into account increased energy levels or if you have a deficiency.


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The Procedure

What sort of visit to a weight loss clinic can you expect if you are interested in taking this type of injections? Expect to have to let the people at the clinic know about the medicines you are on. In some cases, this nutrient can interact with certain medications. From there, all that happens is a simple injection is administered. In some cases, you might have to come back by the clinic (and pay them a fee) on a regular basis to get your injection. Chances are you are looking at spending a lot of money on such injections.


Final Verdict

B12 injections, even though touted by some as a weight loss miracle, are not really worth it. They are expensive and studies do not show they work. This is mostly because B12 is a water soluble vitamin that your body simply passes through its system after a few hours. But it is important to get plenty of it in your daily diet. This nutrient can help defend you against eye disease, heart disease, digestive problems, skin issues, and more. If you think you might have a deficiency, talk to your doctor about options for supplements or changing your diet to get more.


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