If you want to Lose Fat. Stop Jogging!

Exercise is very good for health but not important for weight loss. This was said by Diana Thomas a Weight Loss Researcher and a Professor at Montclair State University, New Jersey USA. Yes personally, this statement sounds right and true from my experience. I’ve tried to do vigorous exercise everyday and yes i’ve lost weight with it. But those were during my teenager years. I play basketball and other team sports. I train every single day.

But now i’m in my mid fourties. I can still do vigorous exercises everyday but there are a lot of other things that are more important to me now. It doesn’t mean exercise is not important anymore. But we have to prioritize what is needed to be done. I actually became overweight in my late 20’s and maybe lost weight about 3 times. To gain weight is very easy, but to lose it is very hard.

Looking from my experience, losing weight is easier achieved when eating small. As i was a sports person when i was young, I’m used to eating lot’s of food. This is what i have to overcome. I thought if i lessen the food intake, i will lose my strength. Gradually, because of my determination and persistence i manage to experiment on eating less.

What helped me ate less is the diet called ketogenic diet. This diet is high fat. You basically eat lots of fat. For me, i ate lots of cream, butter and ghee. Lard and coconut oil didn’t work for me. With coconut oil i feel hungry, so it’s not good. I’ll share to you what i do. I buy take away foods because of my busy life style. I always buy the smallest serving. For example, indian food: they have small, medium and large. Same as korean or chinese foods. I will tell them i’ll have a small size thanks! Sometimes, the small is not small enough. So will only eat half of it.

Ok here is the trick. The food i bought, i will add lots of cream or butter, whatever is available and eat it that way. I tell you eating this way i feel full quickly and don’t feel hungry for long hours. Sometimes that’s all i eat the whole day. So doing this style of eating for a whole month, I lost 10 kilos. The thing is, i didn’t know i lost a lot of weight until my girlfriend and sister pointed out. So if you look at it i’m not really eating much. So Diana Thomas is correct, just my opinion. Ok feel free to message me about this on my contact page. Sorry if i disabled comments because of too much spam. Write me your story, i will reply to you. We can be friends. Cheers.