Junk Food Sold as Health Food is NOT Beneficial at All

Caroline Farrell a top UK Nutritionist said that avocado spreads that are being produced and sold at big supermarket companies in the United Kingdom are not as healthy as an unsalted butter. She said that when test where done on this avocado spreads, they came out that the main ingredients the manufacturers where also using are other unhealthy oils. It also said that the marketing labels on the spreads container says that it contains vitamins A and D.

Yes they do contain those vitamins, but what the labels don’t say is that those vitamins are synthetic in nature. The over all assessment regarding this spreads are that the bad ingredients outweighs the good and beneficial ingredients. Caroline’s advice is to simply buy an avocado fruit, mash it up and use this as your avocado spread. Adding to all this, those manufacturers and supermarkets recorded a sales record of 120 million pounds from these avocado spreads in 2016 up by 40% from the previous year.

Yes you be the judge of the producers intention. Also if there are demands for this kind of products, the production will definitely continue. Ok it’s now your decision. Chose wisely what you eat and put in your body. Keep exercising and stay healthy! Have a good day!