Josh and Mike used to be Overweight until they Changed their Lifestyle.

Sometimes weight loss is not about looking better but about staying alive. These two men really worked on losing weight because they had bigger things to worry about. Both Josh and Mike were overweight and shed the pounds for very personal heart felt reasons that will just blow you away. These are just 2 men, but there are a lot of others including women and even teenagers the did it. See other Weight Loss Success Stories with Photos at


Josh and Mike both have inspiring weight loss success stories:


weight loss success story

weight loss success story

Josh says

“When I was a kid growing I was the fat kid. I wore the label proudly. I worked toward gaining more and more weight because it became my identity. Everyone in my neighborhood knew me as Fat Josh. It sounds nuts now but I guess when you are a kid you like anything that you think makes you popular. I never had a girlfriend in high school because I was Fat Josh the “friend”. I ballooned up to 400 pounds by the time I was in college. My father died when I was 25 of heart disease he was Fat Josh Sr. It really was a wake up call for me. 200 pounds is a lot of weight to shed but I was determined. I started out slowly and had a few missteps along the way but by the time I was 30 I reached my goal. It took me a little over three years to shed the pounds but I feel better than ever. I met a wonderful woman and we are now expecting our first child, something I had never hoped for in my wildest dreams!”


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inspirational story in losing weight

inspirational story in losing weight

Mike says

“I grew up without a father. I was the fat funny kid that everyone loved because I was easy going, funny and fat. The typical jolly fat kid but I was literally dying on the inside. I laughed right along with all the fat jokes heck I even threw in a few on my own. Than I met Mary. She was the nicest kindest person I ever knew. We married and had three children. Life was blissful until the doctors told me that my weight was putting too much strain on my heart, I was on high blood pressure medication AND had high cholesterol. I weighed 345 lbs. I left the doctors with my head hung very low that day. I did not want my kids to grow up without a father. I took action! Mary and I came up with a healthy living contract that we both signed. We started looking at food differently and started getting outside with the kids more. Step by step day by day the weight started coming off. I am at my “ideal” weight after 1 year! My life is blissful again, if I can do it anyone can.”


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