Exercises that will get you Ripped in No Time

The fastest way to get ripped is to do this very easy exercises

It has become a dream for every teenager to get a six pack abs and good looking sharp muscles. Firstly it’s very important to taylor your diet accordingly to get good results. Exercises makes you fit which will make you look smart and toned. Exercise can also get you a sharper body with a ripped abdomen. You can join a gym and weight loss(slimming) center where you can have trainers that will help and advice you on what diet to follow, but you must follow their strict guidelines to get the result that you want.


fastest way to get a six pack abs

fastest way to get a six pack abs


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You can actually DIY a ripped abs. You don’t have to pay money on memberships for equipments and sessions. Here are the six most excellent exercises to get the washboard abs that you are always wishing for.


1. Plank Exercise
The plank exercise will not only assist you in getting magnificent abs but it is also an excellent exercise to build up your back muscles and work hard your leg and arm muscles to develop good balance. Other info about Plank Exercise.

2. Vertical Crunch
The vertical crunch is an outstanding exercise to shape up your abs to look symmetrical and perfect. These exercise contract your abdominal muscles when you lift your shoulders at the same time binding your legs upwards. With this exercise you will observe that your torso starts molding into a U shape. Do this exercise regularly as part of your routine. Do a minimum of 3 sets of 10 repetitions each session. Other info about Vertical Leg Crunch.

3. Long Arm Crunch
The long arm crunch highlights and boost up the upper abdominal muscles. This crunch variation is very important because it targets and work the fats from the stomach region and also the thigh region, giving and molding a good shape to your lower body and your butt. Other info about Long Arm Crunch.

4. Reverse Crunch
The reverse crunch is an exercise that really gives pressure to the lower abdominal muscles but also still makes the upper abdominal muscles work. To do this you have to first position your back on the floor, cross your legs and lift them on a 90 degree angle towards your upper body. Second, put your hands and arms behind your head. Third, try to reach and touch your knees with your elbows and repeat. Other info about Reverse Crunch.

5. Bicycle Exercise
The bicycle exercise is by far the most effective single exercise in obtaining a 6 pack abs. This exercise also works the waist muscles. To perform this exercise efficiently, you need good endurance and energy. First position your back on the floor just like doing crunch. Lift your left knee as high as you can pass your waistline at the same time with your 2 hands holding the back of your head. Next lift your right knee just like the left knee earlier while lowering your right knee but not touching the floor and repeat. Your leg action will look like riding a bike but towards the air. Other info about Bicycle Crunch Exercise.


6. Sit Ups
Adding sit ups in your daily routine is another exercise to specifically target your ab muscles. Do sit ups regularly, in addition to other vital exercises to help make your abs muscular. You can do your sit ups by lying on the floor with your hands at the back, near your head. Then lift up your upper body from the waist, try to touch your knees as much as you can. Start with a minimim of 20 reps and increase it as you go along. You should see the exercise effect in only a few weeks. Other info about Sit Ups.

The basic thing you need to keep in mind is that all these exercises are very important to get the six pack abs that you have been always wanting. You’ll need to put in some hard work and make it a routine, if you do, you will definitely be rewarded and see the benefits very soon. It is not very hard to get good ripped abs. All you need, is to do your exercises regularly and follow a clean healthy diet.