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Welcome to HeidiSeattle.com! It is a Fitness and Health Website. Fitness is a must for everybody, regardless of age and gender. We have to be active and moving our body all the time. Let us make sure that we do not just sit down on one corner doing nothing or watching TV or playing playstation while eating chips and drinking sugary soda for long hours. Even if you eat processed foods all the time, you will find that if you move a lot, play sports and physically active, that you for somehow will be physically fit. But don’t get me wrong physically active will not be enough specially when you are getting older, you must also eat a healthy diet. I created this website to share my experiences to everybody regarding health and fitness. I will share what worked for me and not just what people and the main stream media says. Also feel free to contact me for suggestions or comments on the post and information that i publish in this website. Please be sure to check back for more informative contents from time to time about healthy and fitness stuffs as i don’t have a set schedule on publishing contents. Thank you and see you back!