3 Exercises For Mascular Triceps

Everybody in the bodybuilding community knows, it’s irrational to neglect performing your tricep exercises because they almost entirely constitute nearly all of your muscles on your upper arm. The 3 areas of the triceps are the lateral head, medial head and the long head. You will definitely be able to specifically target certain areas of your triceps muscles with your chosen exercise. Nevertheless, the very best tricep exercises for the whole muscle group are exercises that targets all of the 3 heads of the tricep at once.


tricep muscle exercise

tricep muscle exercise


The very best tricep exercises for building size or for making it bigger would be the ones that requires the usage of heavy weights. Depending on what your goal and what you want to achieve, if you wish you can try and experiment on exercises such as “tricep kickback exercise” and also “head crushers” or close grip clicks. Below are the 3 most useful tricep exercises for chiseling and incorporating dimension to your arms.

Very Useful Tricep Exercises

1: Skull Crushers Drop Set
I’d been doing and using “skull crushers” for years on a bench press before i saw the drop set version in one of  Arnold’s  muscle training manuals. According to the book, his colleagues and Arnold did an experiment and study to find out the very best exercises for each body part. And they established that the potency of the exercises are based on the motion of the exercise which in this case the Skull Crusher. So in this exercise, instead of limiting the motion and the weights bar stopping to your forehead. You can do the motion further down and below your head for the maximum muscle stretch and movement.

2: Weighted Dips
Your triceps will benefit more when your elbow lies below your shoulder. Why dips is one of the very best tricep exercises is that because the position of your arm will allow you to lift a lot of your body weight including whatever weight that you include.

3: Close-grip Bench-press
This tricep exercise is also one of the most useful tricep exercises. You will definitely require a spotter to assist and help you lift the barbell while doing this exercise. It might feel awkward in the beginning but after performing a couple of sets, you will get used to it and it will start to feel normal. A suggestion is to always bring a friend that can spot you.

So there you go! The 3 of the best tricep exercises for anybody to include in their tricep exercise routines.